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About me

About me


my name is Magdalena, I accompany women on their way to good and respectful family relationships. I have a master degree in psychology and I work as a women counsellor and mentor. The basis of my work is tenderness, empathy, acceptance and kindness. For as long as I can remember, I have been supporting women, leading them by the hand and creating a safe space for learning and discovering their inner  potential, thanks to which they create loving relationships with themselves, their children and their loved ones.

I see how tenderness has changed my life, how thanks to it I have learned to be kind to myself and others, and I see how it changes the lives of the women I work with.

“When a woman decides to surround herself with tenderness and kindness, then everything changes.”


My today’s approach based on tenderness is not only the result of my work and experiences as a psychologist. It is also the result of my own search and desire to create a home full of joy, tenderness and empathy. A few years ago I started learning Non Violent Communication and I invited more empathy and tenderness into my life. I decided also to bring tenderness and kindness into my work so that other women can finally create a peaceful home full of respect, understanding and empathy. A home where you can hear joyful shouts and laughter, instead of screaming and crying from exhaustion and frustration. A home where you will finally say to yourself with a smile: “I love this moment” instead of: “How will I survive this?”

During my beautiful journey, I developed methods and techniques that helps to create a life full of meaning, empathy, patience and tenderness. I know how to move on  from a place where you feel lost to a place, where you start to feel in charge of your life.


…I help women to take the charge of their lives, to find what’s joyful and meaningful. I help overwhelmed women to empty their lives from everything that no longer serves them. And I support them in changing the judgmental language of blame and complain to one of kindness and acceptance.


The language we hear in our head defines the way how we feel. 

How we communicate with ourselves influences our everyday well-being, the decisions we make, our actions and the way we perceive the world. It affects how we feel in the world around us, how we deal with everyday tasks and what relationships we form with the people around us. Changing our critical language to the one full of kindness and acceptance can be a first step towards a better life.

A few words about my education

I have a Master Degree in Psychology, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland
I am certified Infant Massage Instructor, International Association Infant Massage - IAIM
I have completed various personal trainings: mindfulness, working with parents, communication
I have completed NVC trainings: basic, intermediate and advanced. I am currently undergoing further NVC trainings.
I work with women since 2007 (in Northern Ireland, in Poland, in France)

My publications:

Book: „Baby massage and more, how to enjoy your parenting day by day”, Novae Res, October 2015
More than 200 articles (parenting, personal development, life organization, communication)
TV appearances related to children's development and infant massage

My proprietary development programs:

My wise parenting-workshop
Positive parent academy course
Relaxed mum training
Infant massage training for midwives and medical students

Contact me… I would love to hear from you!