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Mentoring program

Mentoring program – my tender home


Is your home often in chaos, you hear screaming and you are often torn by strong emotions? Do you feel like you no longer have the strength and patience with your children and partner? Guilt takes away your joy? Do you feel sad, frustrated and angry towards everyone? Do you feel a lack of understanding and support from your loved ones?

And all you dream about is a peaceful, joyful home and a sense of stability, harmony and control over your life? Would you like to be more patient with your children and spend more quality time with them, in peace and joy? Feel your partner’s support and understanding?


Anxiety at home, feeling misunderstood and outbursts of anger often come from the fact that we are not in touch with our emotions and are unable to regulate them. Also, because we neglect our needs. We are unable to set and clearly communicate our healthy boundaries. We also often carry beliefs that do not support us. And our internal language is full of criticism and judgment.

To create a family home full of empathy, understanding and warm relationships, you should:

First of all, take care of yourself and understand your emotions.
Learn to notice your needs.
Set healthy boundaries and communicate them clearly.
Replace critical words with supportive dialogue.
Learn to communication based on empathy and active listening.
Acquire new effective ways of communicating, accepting and regulating your emotions.
Find a responsible woman in you, who can take tender care of herself and her loved ones
Change the feeling of lack into a new perspective full of gratitude, commitment and looking for good solutions.

And this is what I will teach you during my 12-week Tender Home program.

So that you can finally create a peaceful home full of respect, understanding and empathy. A home where you can hear joyful shouts and laughter, instead of screaming and crying from exhaustion and frustration. A tender home where you enjoy time spent with your children, where you cuddle with your partner and rediscover the beauty of your relationship, where there is more time for you and less remorse.

A home where you will finally say to yourself with a smile: “I want this moment to last forever” instead of: “How will I survive this?”

I will help you create it. Step by step and in just 12 weeks. At all times, I support you, guide you and create a safe space for you to learn and discover your hidden potential, thanks to which you will create loving relationships with yourself, your children and your loved ones.


WHAT THE process of building a tender home looks like and what we will do STEP BY STEP:

week 1

We establish values and goals. We name the problem and direct our attention to finding solutions.

Determining the goals and values that guide you in life is very important in the process of change. You need to know what you don’t want in your life and what you want more of in order to change it. This is the first step on the way to good change.

week 3

We create new supportive beliefs, based on strong foundations, such as: sense of value, empathy, love, tenderness, respect.

Once you know your unfavorable beliefs, it is necessary to create new supportive ones, based on a strong foundation, and consciously work to introduce them into your life.

week 5

What are needs? We discover your needs, learn to recognize them and connect them with emotions.

The beauty of needs is underestimated in our lives, and in fact, most of the difficulties we face in relationships come from misunderstood and unmet needs. Getting to know them is a basic step in understanding our behavior towards ourselves and other people. Thanks to this, you will understand why you sometimes behave differently than you would like, especially in difficult situations.

week 7

The inner critic – we get to know him and learn to look for a tender companion.

Each of us has an inner critic, but not everyone knows that we also have a tender and supportive companion who understands us, strengthens us and shows respect in our everyday struggles. It is finding your tender companion that will become the bridge connecting the world of unfavorable beliefs with the world of respect and empathy that we strive for in this program.

week 9

What is empathy in everyday life? We create a language of empathy that resonates with you.

To introduce more empathy into your life, you need to know what it really is and what it is not and create your own empathetic dictionary, based on your own values and needs, also taking into account the needs of your loved ones. This is a very pleasant stage in which you will fully discover the power of empathy.

week 11

My contribution and responsibility. I notice myself and my loved ones. I accept myself and others.

Conscious and responsible. That’s what we’re aiming for in this process. It’s time for you to set your relationship goals, define your own contribution to your close relationships, find your place in them and learn to accept instead of reject. This is a key step to reaching out and creating responsible relationships with the people close to you.

week 2

We discover your beliefs, all what you believe in and what guides you in life

Just wanting to change is not enough if we are driven by old unfavorable habits and beliefs, and our brain has learned to protect us even when it is not beneficial to our development. An important step is to look at what you unconsciously believe and find those beliefs that no longer serve you.

week 4

We get to know your emotions. We learn to recognize them, name them and understand their meaning in your life.

Emotions are very helpful companions that take care of us and inform us about what is important to us and what we should pay our attention to. It is worth spending as much time as you need to get to know your emotions, understand them and learn to use their wisdom. Thanks to this, you will regain self-awareness, emotional balance, and it will be much easier for you to control your emotions in difficult situations.

week 6

What is your anger talking about? What is your sadness talking about?

We meet two allies on the path to empathy. Sadness and anger, as well as all their shades such as irritation, frustration, regret, are emotions that draw attention to our unmet needs. Thanks to them, we can understand where we do not support ourselves, learn to recognize them and use their potential to create closer relationships with ourselves and our loved ones.

week 8

A little about the brain and its habits. We learn to strengthen it with tender words.

Our brain really likes information and numbers. It works in a very specific way. He always tries to support us, even if these are negative beliefs. Knowing how it works will make it easier for you to create a language full of supportive words and teach your brain how to support you so that you feel empowered and nurtured.

week 10

I am learning to listen actively with respect for myself and my loved ones.

Active listening is one of the essential parts of respectful dialogue. This skill is the basis for creating better relationships and understanding other people’s needs. I will show you how to listen with an open heart and curiosity to the stories of your loved ones, so that you can see their authentic selves expressed in words.

week 12

I’m changing my perspective. I welcome gratitude into my life.

Gratitude is not just a cliched slogan, but a real power that brings wonderful changes in our lives and brings a lot of good to our relationships. Inviting it into your life is the icing on the cake in the whole process, and at the same time a natural consequence of your work. It is this shift in perspective from a sense of lack to a sense of abundance that will honor your work towards change.

Thanks to it, you will discover the true richness of what surrounds you.


​This 12-week author’s program is not only the result of my work and experience as a psychologist and mentor.

It is also the result of my own search and desire to create a home full of joy, tenderness and empathy.

How will we work?

  • 12 online meetings – 1 hour once a week.
  • Conversations during which we will explore and discover topics related to creating respectful relationships.
  • Guided meditations that will be a helpful tool on your way to being more present, getting to know your emotions, calming down and understanding how important your presence and involvement are in the process of change.
  • Visualizations whose role is to create a safe space for your imagination and attention, so that they can support you in the process of searching for supportive beliefs, respectful words, and an inner, tender companion.
  • Worksheets with exercises aimed at learning and understanding patterns and beliefs, as well as strengthening all these aspects, thanks to which it will be easier for you to surround yourself and your loved ones with tenderness.
  • My support throughout the entire process (during meetings and emails), thanks to which you will be able to get to know yourself in a safe space full of acceptance and respect.

Who is this program for?

This is a program for women who want to create a tender, joyful and empathetic home.
They want to learn how to set healthy boundaries.
They want more peace and less shouting at home.
They want to improve their relationships with their loved ones.
They want to have more empathy and tenderness in their lives.
They want to learn to appreciate their contribution to family life.
They want to strengthen their self-esteem.
They want to strengthen their relationships with their children.
They want to have more tenderness in their relationship with their partner.

Who might not benefit of this program?

Women who are looking for a quick method to improve the quality of their life.
Those who would like to get a quick result and do not plan to commit to work.
Women who experience depression, severe anxiety, addiction or other diagnosed mental illness.
Women who experience depression, severe anxiety, addiction or other diagnosed mental illness.

Make an appointment and start creating your loving home today.

The price of the program is: 840 euros