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Empathetic communication

Empathetic communication

Communication based on empathy allows us to express our needs with tenderness and kindness and help us to accept the needs of others.

Imagine that You can communicate your needs with empathy, respect and calm. Imagine that instead of shouting what’s important for you, you start a dialogue with ones you love. You listen to your children and respond to their requests with patience and calm. You hear what other people tell you and not what you want to hear. I can help with that. I teach communication based on empathy. I help to start a dialogue.


I help women to build the language of kindness and acceptance. I support parents who have difficulties in communicating with their children and encourage them to make changes in daily communication, to build better family relations.


How does your communication looks like?

What language do you speak to yourself most often?
What words live in your head?
Are these words kind and supportive, or rather critical, full of fear, regret and remorse?
You don’t know how to communicate your needs.
You feel not being listened and understood.
You don’t know how to set boundaries.
You would like to improve communication in your family.

There are solutions and we can look for them together.

How do I teach? What my techniques look like?

I teach methods and techniques that help to listen actively with an open heart. Without judgment and criticism.

I show how to move from just “talking” to the real dialogue based on the trust and respect.

I help to learn to talk about your emotions and needs in a way that you feel that you are being heard.

I teach also an important thing which is “listening to yourself”. I truly believe that the more you are connected to your true self and the more you hear your true needs, the more you are able to hear the needs of others.

I help to understand better your inner conflicts and move from the feeling of guilt to the place of understanding.

Finally I teach how to listen to your children and the ones you love and respond to their requests with kindness and acceptance.

Consultation 1:1

I offer 1:1 consultations online or in person in my “cozy place” in Hesingue. I am also available in the area of Basel/Mulhouse for coffee mornings and mindful walks.

1 hour of consultation

70 euros

5 hours package

320 euros

Contact me… I would love to hear from you!