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Life & home organisation

Life & home organisation

Make your life simpler

and be more present day by day.

Imagine that your life is simpler and more organized. And your home tasks become more manageable. You get more time for yourself and the ones you love and home tasks are not a burden anymore.

I can help you with that. I help to declutter your life from things that no longer serve you, so you can get more space for what’s truly important for you. When you empty your home from things you don’t need anymore, your get more space in your mind to find a true meaning and purpose.


“The motivation to complete tasks increases not because you force yourself but because you find the reason to do the work”.

When you start emptying your house from things that you don’t need any more and your wardrobes from clothes that you don’t want, you get an amazing clarity in your mind. You feel the energy rising and you get to know better in which direction you want to go.

Our life can be more joyful, much simpler and more organized. Our homes can be amazing places allowing us for rest and regeneration. The less objects we poses, the more manageable our homes are.

When you declutter your home from things that you don’t need any more, you start to have more clarity about what you like, what you truly enjoy and what is good for you. In a consequence, you get to know yourself better and you start to care for your needs. You buy less clothes, only the ones you truly want. You start to see the importance of valuing yourself and living in a present moment.

Once you have less things at home, you start to use all of them, because you want simply to enjoy your life today, not in the future.

Decluttering your house and mind is one of the most positive experiences in life.

One that helps to move on.

If you ask yourself these questions, life organization can help you simplify your life.

Does your home speaks about you?
Do you feel overwhelmed with home tasks?
You don’t feel like resting enough?
You feel like the cleaning is your moral obligation?
Each morning you find yourself having the same dilemma: what to wear…while your closet is full of clothes?
You don’t know how to keep your house clean and tidy?
You feel overwhelmed with the amount of things you have?
You feel like you don’t move on with your projects?
You often don’t find what you need?
You would like to feel more joy while caring for your home?
You just moved or you are about to move and need help organizing and packing?
You are expecting a baby or just became a mum?

Then I can help.

It all starts with our beliefs.

What we believe affects what we do.

How do I work? How can I support you?

I help to change the reason why we clean and find more joy in daily tasks.

I help to declutter your living spaces from things that no longer serve you.

I teach methods and techniques helping to keep your house tidy and clean.

I can show you how to organize your belongings to make your house functional and easy to live in.

I teach you also a mindfulness and being present, while taking care for home care tasks.

Finally I support the change of the approach to the caring for your home from believe that “cleaning is an obligation” to believe that “cleaning is functional and helps you and your family to have a better life.

Choose your option

I offer 1:1 consultations online or in person in my “cozy place” in Hesingue. I am also available in the area of Basel/Mulhouse for coffee mornings and mindful walks.


First option – online

Discovery session to discuss your believes, needs and goals
Life style assessment
Helping to find what brings joy to your life
Advice on how to declutter and bring more clarity into your life by clearing spaces around you
Advice on how to keep your house clean and tidy

1 hour of consultation

 70 euros

I propose 2-5 sessions according your needs.. We can decide for the exact amount of hours during our first session.

For the women living in the area of Basel/Mulhouse instead of visio meeting we can meet for a coffee 1:1 consultation.


Second option – at your place

Discovery session to discuss your believes, needs and goals
Your lifestyle and home assessment
Working together on your goals achievement
Storage advice
Advice on how to keep your house clean during busy times
Support along the way

1 hour of consultation

90 euros

5 hours package

420 euros

I propose 3-5 sessions according your needs. We can decide for the exact amount of hours during our first session.

I am available in the area of Basel/ Mulhouse and happy to travel within 30 km distance from Basel. 

Topics we are working on:

Core believes about the cleaning and decluttering
Family needs
Active mindfulness in a daily life
Sharing home and care tasks with your family
Taking rest and self-care
Life organization and functional approach to home tasks

Contact me… I would love to hear from you!