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Parenting group for mums

Parenting group for mums


Would you like the language you hear in your head to be supportive, full of kindness and acceptance? Would you like there to be more tenderness and kindness in your family life?

Join this friendly parenting group

for support, learning new skills and the sense of belonging.

Every mum needs

support, understanding and a sense of belonging.

The sense of belonging and the language we use to communicate with ourselves and the people around us are very important. They are integral elements of our well-being.

The words we say to ourselves and our loved ones affect the quality of our lives. How we communicate with ourselves defines our everyday well-being, the decisions we make, our actions and the way we perceive the world. It affects how we feel in the world around us, how we deal with everyday tasks, what relationships we form with the people around us, as well as the level of stress, anxiety, frustration and even depression.
In turn, whether we have supportive, sensitive people around us affects how we function and how we feel every day.

“With tenderness to myself, with tenderness to my child, with tenderness to my motherhood.”

Parenting group for mums

My name is Magdalena, I live with my husband and two children in France. I help women build a language of tenderness and acceptance. I support women in creating a simpler life full of meaning and tenderness. I teach sensitive organization, i.e. creating a functional life tailored to the needs of you and your loved ones, in which there is room for everything you like and what is important to you.

I teach methods and techniques that help you connect with your needs and move on with your life. I teach simple meditation and mindfulness techniques

I support practicing gratitude. I teach how to practice mindfulness in everyday life and become more present day by day.

What do we do? 

What our meetings look like?

We support the tender mother within ourselves.
We learn the language of tenderness and kindness.
We learn methods and techniques making parenting easier and more manageable.
We support each other and create a sense of community.
We learn how to accept and not reject in relationships.
We meet once per week during 6 weeks.

We cover 3 main topics:


Our beliefs about parenting

  • How to change your beliefs about caring for your home so that you can enjoy your everyday life more.
  • How to take care of yourself when you have time and when you don’t.
  • How to support your self-esteem.


  •  What are boundaries and why are they so important in our lives?
  • What can we do to clearly and empathetically set boundaries that are important to us?
  • How to accept and support the boundaries of our children and other people important to us.

Communicating our needs

  • What can we do to make the world hear us and accept our needs?
  • What can we do so that we can hear ourselves, our children and our loved ones?
  • How to communicate what is important with acceptance and respect?

As mums…

we all need support, compassion and understanding. We all come from different places but at the end we are mums and experience similar challenges every day. We feel lonely at times, WE WANT TO BELONG, we go through ups and downs and just want to share it.


Be your tender friend and meet other beautiful women.

Join this friendly female parenting group for support, learning new skills and the sense of belonging.

How does the program look like?

The whole program lasts for 6 weeks.
We meet once per.
There is a maximum 6 mums in each group
We cover 3 main topics related to the parenting.

Cost of the entire program: 195 euros

The next edition of the program will start:

October 16, 2023
09.30-11.00 (morning group)