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Women support

Women support

Would you like to create a life full of meaning, empathy, patience and passion?

Would you like to be your tender friend?

Imagine that you wake up in the morning and you feel grateful for this new day. You enjoy living present moment. And you take steps towards your future. You accept the moment you are in your life. You know how to slow down, you enjoy being where you are and you feel connected to yourself. 

I can help. I help women to build the language of compassion and acceptance. I know that if you feel connected to your needs, you believe in yourself and you know how to be on your side, then doesn’t matter where you live, you will always find your place. And you will be able to support yourself at any time.


“Find more meaning in your life and
do more of what you truly love”

Do you feel lonely, lost and ask yourself similar questions?

You don’t know how to move on with your life when it feels so chaotic at times?
You don’t find the motivation and courage to move on?
You don’t know how to accept all the changes? How to find a meaning and purpose? Where to start?
You want to learn gratitude but you don’t know how to start?
You feel lost and lonely in a new country?
You experience issues related to living in a country different than yours?
You feel like you need support?
You focus on what you are lacking in your life and would like to change it?
You would like to change your old beliefs for more supportive ones?

I help women build a language of tenderness and acceptance. I support women in creating a simpler life full of meaning and tenderness. 

I teach methods and techniques that help you connect with your needs and move on with your life. I teach simple meditation and mindfulness techniques

I support practicing gratitude. I teach how to practice mindfulness in everyday life and become more present day by day.

Consultation 1:1

I offer 1:1 consultations online or in person in my “cozy place” in Hesingue. I am also available in the area of Basel/Mulhouse for coffee mornings and mindful walks.

1 hour of consultation

70 euros

5 hours package

320 euros

Contact me… I would love to hear from you!