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regain peace, strengthen relationships with your loved ones, act with tenderness and self-confidence

Do you sometimes feel anxiety, guilt and internal conflict? Do you often feel strong emotions in stressful situations and you don’t know how to deal with them? Do you put the well-being of others first, while neglecting your own needs?

Are you worried about the future and torment yourself with questions about whether you made the right decisions? And all you want is support and reassurance that your choices are right? Do you dream of feeling inner peace, understanding and acceptance? Would you like to better understand your emotions and needs so that you can surround yourself with kindness and tenderness?


The feeling of guilt and internal conflict often come from the feeling of being misunderstood by others and lacking their support in situations when our needs are in contradiction with the needs of other people and our emotions are not welcomed by others and have not been taken care of by us.

To resolve your internal conflict and get rid of your sense of guilt, all you need to do is find and understand your deep inner needs and surround them with tenderness and respect.

And this is what I will support you with during the empathy session. I will help you understand your emotions and needs. We will meet with them in a supportive and accepting atmosphere. I will lead you by hand in this process. Together we will find a solution and relief for what is difficult for you.

Thanks to working with me, you will finally stop criticizing yourself, feel inner peace and regain confidence that you have made the right decisions. You will get rid of the feeling of guilt that torments you and you will feel relief. I will also teach you how to support yourself in similar situations in the future.

  • I will help you gain a deeper understanding of your emotions and needs, which will make it easier for you to make decisions.
  • You will receive support in making a difficult decision, so you will be sure that your decision is the right one for you.
  • I will help you understand the behaviors and needs of your loved ones and your own, thanks to which you will build a stronger bond.
  • I will help you look at yourself with empathy, thanks to which you will stop tormenting yourself with guilt.
  • You will receive support from me in conflict, thanks to which you will better understand your situation and find the best solutions for it.
  • I will help you get rid of your sense of guilt, thanks to which you will feel relief and regain inner peace.
  • You will receive support, empathy and understanding from me, thanks to which you will be able to surround yourself and your loved ones with empathy and understanding.


  • Sessions take place online.
  • During one session, we discuss one topic that is important to you.
  • Each session lasts one and a half hour.
  • Before the session, you will receive an e-mail from me with a list of key questions and a list of feelings and needs, which will help you better understand what you are going through and will also be an important part of our work during the session.
  • During the session you will receive my empathy and support. And at the same time, with my supportive presence, you will meet your emotions and needs.


Internal conflict

That is, the situation related to making a decision. This is a situation in which you feel conflicting emotions about a specific situation and you don’t know what decision will be best. To understand the whole situation and be able to accept your choice, you need to look at the needs that lie deep under the outer layer of our behavior.

Feeling of guilt

That is, a situation related to the feeling of guilt you feel in connection with a specific situation that happened. The feeling of guilt is strongly related to the conflicting needs that emerged in this particular situation. In order to get over the feeling of guilt and accept what happened, you need to understand the internal needs that guided you in a given situation.

I can’t cope with…

This is a situation in which you can not cope with something that is difficult for you. It may be related to a specific situation, emotion or state you are in. This situation very often concerns our relationships: work, partner, children, our parents, friends. But also changes taking place in our lives, in our bodies. To understand why it is so difficult for us to cope with difficulties, we need to get to know the emotions and needs that appeared in a given situation and understand the deeper meaning of what we feel.

I want to strengthen my relationship with…

This is a situation in which you want to find ways to strengthen your relationship with someone important to you: yourself, your partner, children, friends, parents, siblings, co-workers. To be able to do this and find the best solutions, you must first find those important needs that guide you in creating relationships. Finding and understanding these needs will help you focus on what will be best to strengthen your relationships.

Who are empathy sessions for?

For people who want to receive support in a difficult situation.
For women who want to get rid of guilt.
For those seeking a sense of greater peace and understanding.
For women who want to learn to put their needs on par with other people's needs.
For those who want to improve their relationships with their loved ones.
For those who want to create a tender, respectful relationship with themselves.
You will receive support, empathy and understanding from me, thanks to which you will be able to surround yourself and your loved ones with empathy and understanding.
For people who want to strengthen their relationships with children.
For women who have difficulty making decisions.

Who won’t be helped by empathy sessions?

People who would like to get a quick result and do not plan to commit to work.
People with serious family or personal problems, such as violence, loss of a loved one, deep trauma.
Women who experience depression, severe anxiety, addiction or other diagnosed mental illness.

Yes, I want to meet with tenderness what is difficult for me.

Price 95 euros.

The number of sessions each month is limited…